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Complete Parking Lot Maintenance Serving Texas

Sealcoat Specialists in Kerrville, Texas, provides high-quality and superior service when it comes to seal coating and parking lot line striping.  By using our featured services your property will secure its value, endure environmental stress, resist chemical deterioration, and ensure safety for your customers.  Contact us for a quote today and don't forget to check out our special offer.

Seal Coating

Seal coating acts as a barrier between external harmful elements and asphalt pavement. It's both effective and appealing to the eye. Protect your parking lot from dirt, grease, grime, and oil. A water repellent seal coat will give you dramatic savings over the lifetime of the asphalt.  Protect your asphalt investment from external environmental factors, which can bleach and oxidize the asphalt surface.  The sun light pulls oils from the asphalt binder out of the mix of base and rock, which can start to have some raveling and cracks leading to potholes.  The goal of seal coating is to keep the asphalt base binder in place and keep the water from penetrating the asphalt and sub base.  This causes movement in the asphalt and in return causes cracks, sink holes, and pot holes.  

This chart shows you how pavement has a timeline until it totally fails.  If you provide routine preventative maintenance such as sealcoating, you will save money over the lifetime of the asphalt.  Typical signs that indicate sealcoat needs to be applied to the asphalt are:  Graying of the surface, small cracks, and the formation of pot holes.  The recommended timeline to sealcoat according to the industry average is every 3 years.  

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Line Striping

Treat your customers to trouble free parking with proper line striping. Keeping the parking lines, arrows, and symbols visible and bold is critical for property owners to ensure customer safety. Striping provides the directional and safety measures which are necessary for coordination and direction of traffic. Clean and crisp striping complies with traffic laws. In addition to providing safety measures, proper line striping makes your parking lot much more appealing.

Crack Sealing

Keep your asphalt cracks sealed and bound together to prevent buckling and road hazards. The sealing prevents water from seeping in. Once water is allowed to pierce the asphalt, the foundation may erode, resulting in extensive and costly damage.  Crack seal will keep the water from entering the sub-base of your asphalt surface.  Asphalt crack seal repair is a quick and easy process with little inconvenience.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a method of practically cleaning any surface by utilizing a strong force of water. Pressure washing creates an ease of cleaning beyond any other method.  Pressure washing is capable to cut through and remove the areas where mold and grime build up.  Are you looking for the clean new surface again?  We can bring the surface to a clean new state and remove any stain, grime, or filth.  

Striping Removal

We can remove any and all parking lot markings with wet sandblasting.  Whether you need to remove fire lane, parking lines, or handicap logos, we can remove all paint.  Wet sandblasting will effectively removal all layers of materials of surfaces restoring it back to the original state.       

Concrete Sealing

Are you tired of having oil and chemical stains on your concrete driveway?  We can pressure wash your concrete surface clean and apply a reliable concrete sealer that will prevent oil and chemicals from absorbing into the concrete.  After sealer is cured into the concrete you can wash any oil and chemical stains off with your standard water hose for an easy clean.  Keep your driveway looking clean and attractive for a nice curb appeal to the public. 

 Traffic Product Sales

Along with the parking lot maintenance services we provide we are also a full distributor for all traffic safety products.  Check out our catalog to see what all we sell.







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